The Woods (Christopher F. Viceconte)

The Woods (Christopher F. Viceconte)The Woods (Christopher F. Viceconte) by Christopher F. Viceconte
on July 11th 2017
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David, David, David what to do with David?

That is what David’s father wants to know. David has been sent home after being kicked out of his boarding school for fighting. Back in his hometown in Connecticut, David feels like an outside – a stranger. He is failing all of his classes and is selling marijuana to his classmates. When he is arrested, his father is forced to make a decision – What to do with his smart but lost son?

He makes some calls and decides that the best option for his son is a program called Blue Ridge Outdoors (think Outward bound run by crooked people). David is sent there against his will in the hopes that he will learn right from wrong, develop self confidence and have the time to reflect on his past behaviors and hopefully make a change for the better. David does a lot of hiking while learning how to survive in the woods. He is not alone. Other troubled teens are hiking and camping in the woods with him.

Unfortunately the man behind it all is only out to make money and doesn’t give a hoot about the teens in his program. Parents are willing to believe anything when they desperately want to help their children.

There are quite a few themes in this book: teenage angst, drug/alcohol usage, depression, clueless parents, etc. The book also showed how powerless teens can be, I found it sad that one money hungry man who did not even know the teenagers had so much power over what happens to them in their life. There really is an injustice here – did the teens fuck up? You bet, but then I felt bad for them as the plot unfolded.

The book started a little slow for me but only initially. Having said that, the book did pick up and I found it to be a fast read. I will also say that I read an ePub version of the book so I never really knew how much of the book I had left so when I got to the page that said “The End.” I thought are you kidding me? Seriously? Is there another book in this series or does the Author want us to feels as uncertain about David’s future and David is feeling by the end of the book.

An enjoyable read.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


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