Where the Sun Sets

Where the Sun SetsWhere the Sun Sets by Ann Marie
Published by lulu on April 6th 2010
Pages: 279
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I really enjoyed this book. The story is about two women who have been friends since the age of Seven. Antoinia a poor girl who has been abused in every way imaginable and Josephine who is friendless are paired together by a caring nun at their school. Together they form a life long friendship. Things falll apart for both of them when shots ring out at Josephine’s home and Antoinia is shot saving her friend. The story is told over the course of a 24 hour period. We do need to suspend some belief – doctors and nurses giving out confidentail information, police officers having records at home, etc. But that is easy to get past. This is a book afterall and not real life. There is not a dull moment, much happens in the 24 hours, and I was always curious to see what would happen next. I wont give that away how the book ends but I do encourage people to read the book to learn the ending. I do wish that I knew why Josephine was angry at Antonia at the beginning of the book.


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