When I Lost You: A gripping, heart breaking novel of lost love

When I Lost You: A gripping, heart breaking novel of lost loveWhen I Lost You: A gripping, heart breaking novel of lost love. by Kelly Rimmer
on January 1st 1970
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Received from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I fluctuate between giving this book 3 stars and 3.5 starts.

When Molly reaches out to Leo to find out what the circumstances were surrounding her brother’s death, they begin dating and fall in love. They come from different walks of life, different cultures, and have different ways of communicating.

At first they have a fairy tale romance and wedding then Leo’s career of being a war correspondent takes him away to dangerous locales. He is gone more than he is home. Molly begins to resent this as she is often alone and Leo misses important holidays and milestones in their lives.

Then an accident occurs and Leo is hospitalized. At first he does not understand why Molly is there. He has no recollection of their romance. He does not remember the good or the bad times. As he slowly gets his memory back they fall in love again but is it enough to save their troubled marriage.

This book is about love but it is also about failure to communicate, egos, insecurities, secrets, loss, anger and attraction. You feel frustrated as you watch their relationship and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Molly.

This book was enjoyable to read and never felt rushed. The issues at hand felt real. I would definitely read more books by this Author.


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