Watch Me Disappear

Watch Me DisappearWatch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown
Published by Spiegel & Grau on July 11th 2017
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0812989465
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Billie Flanagan decided to go hiking alone and it has been almost a year since she has disappeared. Her body was never found. The only thing which remained was her hiking book. There appears to have been no foul play – she just disappeared leaving her husband and daughter to mourn her loss.

Almost a year after his wife’s disappearance, Jonathon is struggling financially and has decided to write about his wife’s disappearance and life without her. He is in the process of having his wife declared legally dead. He begins to drink a little more than he should and also begins to worry about his daughter Olive. Olive has been “seeing” her Mother. Olive begins to believe that her Mother is not dead but just “missing”. Does Olive have psychic abilities? Is her grief causing her to see things that are not real. Is it wishful thinking that her Mother is still alive?

How much do your really know your spouse? After her disappearance Jonathon begins to find things and learn things about his wife. Things she had kept from him, things he never knew, things he did not want to know. As Olive and Jonathon go on a journey to learn the truth about Billie’s disappearance, they learn about themselves, others and of course about Billie herself.

I went into this book with high hopes. The description sounded very promising. I started this book a couple of times and would put it down to read other books. It just didn’t grab me as I had hoped it would. That is not to say that this is a bad book. I liked it – I just didn’t love it. I wasn’t too shocked by the ending. It did not shock me. I actually expected it.

The writing is solid in this book. The author did a good job describing this dysfunctional family. Jonathon busy at work doesn’t notice the money coming out of the bank account, in fact, he really doesn’t pay much attention at all. Their daughter attends a pricey private school that Jonathon struggles to afford after Billie’s disappearance. Their “perfect” family isn’t so perfect after all.

I really wanted to like this book more. As I already stated….I liked it – I didn’t love it.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Spiegel & Grau in exchange for an honest review.


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