UnseenUnseen (Will Trent, #7) by Karin Slaughter
Published by Delacorte Press on July 2nd 2013
Pages: 379
ISBN: 0345539478
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I am beginning to think that Slaughter can do no wrong when it comes to writing these gritty crime books!

Will Trent is working undercover using the identity of Bill Black. He is posing as an ex-con motorcycle rider. He has a job working at the local hospital and has also gotten a job as a lookout for a home robbery (or so he is told). Will is back in Macon, Georgia Jeffrey Tolliver’s home town.( Jeffrey from the Grant County series/ late husband of Will’s girlfriend Sara). You know form this alone things are going to get messy. Even better…he can’t or wont tell Sara where she is. He does not want her mixed into his undercover investigation.

Oh! But Wait! Lena is in this one. She is the Queen of Messy. She is married to Jeffrey’s son, Jared and they both work on the police force there. Just knowing she lives there you KNOW the shit is going to hit the fan.

And it does. The SHIT hits the fan. The home robbery is actually Lena and Jared’s home and Jared is shot which brings Sara to town. You just know this is going to be a cluster fuck. Sara blames Lena for her late husband’s death. She blames Lena for Jared being in the hospital fighting for his life.

The usual suspects are in this one. With each book, I like Faith more and more. She is a strong woman who is taking no prisoners in this book. She can hold her own and kicks some ass in this book. Amanda continues to be her own strong self. I loved that Faith sees Lena the same way that Sara does.

I am not going to give the farm away for free. You need to read this book to get the story. It will help if you read the others in the Will Trent series first. Hell, start with Grant County so you get to see Sara in a previous life so to speak. This book did not disappoint. There are secrets, angry exchanges, allegiances, twists, turns, revelations and some romance. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love how we learn more and more about Trent with each book and there is character development.

Another solid read from Slaughter


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