UndoneUndone (Will Trent, #3) by Karin Slaughter
Published by Delacorte Press on July 14th 2009
Pages: 436
ISBN: 0385341962
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Will Trent and Sara Linton in the same book!!!!!!!! I can’t read this fast enough. I loved the Grant County series. I could not read those books fast enough and I was so sad when that series ended with a BANG. But now I’m hooked with Will Trent and What! What! What! Sara Linton is in this book? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

A young woman enters the Trauma center where Sara now works. After her husbands death, Sara has left Grant County and now works at a hospital in Atlanta. She is on duty when the naked, tortured woman is brought in for treatment. She literally shoves Will Tent out of the way in order to treat her patient. I loved this! Sara continues to be a strong female character.

Will Trent is a the hospital with his partner Faith, when the tortured young woman is brought into he Emergency Room. He inserts himself in the investigation of what happened to this woman and bringing the perpetrator to justice. He treats the tortured woman with kindness and touches her foot tenderly which catches Sara’s eye. He throws himself into the investigation and we get to see his brilliant mind at play. He continues to hide his dyslexia and fears it being found out by others. A little more is told about Will Trent. I have a feeling that with each book, a little more will be disclosed about him. Then there is his wife, Angie. I don’t like her. I don’t like her with Will. She is emotionally abusive. Why does he stay with her? Yes, they grew up in a group home together. Yes, she knows him better than anyone. But knowing someone and using their sad, horrible past as a way of hurting them does not for a healthy relationship make.

Will Trent will not be the only character we learn more about, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Faith in upcoming books. She is at the hospital receiving care (from Sara of course) and this opens up a story line for her as well. I like her attitude. We also get a little more of Amanda (Will’s boos)in this one. Will is surrounded by strong women which makes his relationship with Angie so hard to swallow.

The investigation of the tortured woman continues while another victim is quickly found by Will. Another woman goes missing and soon it appears that they missing women are similar in certain aspects. How do they all tie together? Who is taking them? What will happen next? Where will the beginning friendship with Sara take Will?

Slaughter continues to dazzle with her character development. She continues to shine when writing carnage (is this a compliment) she does a good job giving us evil characters who do the unthinkable. She has a plot that is well thought out with twists and turns. This was a page turner for me!

Keep em coming Slaughter. I have a feeling she is just getting warmed up with this series.


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