Two Little Girls in Blue

Two Little Girls in BlueTwo Little Girls in Blue by Mary Higgins Clark
Published by Pocket Books on March 20th 2007
Pages: 416
ISBN: 0743497295
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Twin girls are kidnapped on the evening of their 3rd birthday from their parents home. A police investigation ensues. There is a request for 8 million dollars which the parents cannot afford to pay. The father’s employer agrees to pay the ransom and they get back only one of their daughters believing that the other has died. We begin to see Twin telepathy as the one twin who remains with two of her kidnappers communicates with the rescued twin. The twin telepathy provide the police with clues as to where the girl is being hidden/kept. This could have been a much better book IMO. I believe the author had the twins using and communicating at a higher level of communication than a 3 y.o. would use. Yes there are children who do have extensive vocabularies at this age, but them speaking so clearly and communicating so effectively did not seem realistic to me. Also, the police believed the one girl was dead but then when the twins began using telepathy, they were too quick to believe that this was happening. Some aspects seemed too good to be true. Throughout the book, we did not know the identity of the pied piper but that is revealed in the end and the big reveal did not really pack a punch at least for me.


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