TriptychTriptych (Will Trent, #1) by Karin Slaughter
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 393
ISBN: 0385339461
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Women are being killed in Atlanta. Their killings are similar but how are they related. How are the characters in this book related.

There appears at times to be various story lines going on in this book.

In one a teenager, John, is accused of murdering the girl he has feelings for. He is tried as an adult and is sent to prison. He is brutally attacked and tormented losing appeal after appeal. Finally, his time is up and he is on parole, trying to make a life for himself but he soon learns someone has stolen his identity and may be trying to destroy his life.

In another a detective, Michael, who is married with a child who is developmentally disabled. He is working the case to figure out who the killer of the women is. He comes off likable at first but soon, his polished demeanor begins to fade.

In another, Will Trent, is called in to assist local police (including Michael) solve the case. Will Trent is a mystery. We know he had a sad past full of abuse and that he grew up in foster care. He is reunited with Angie, a female detective working undercover, who he met when he was 8 in foster care.

Angie is the piece that ties them altogether. Their stories brilliantly fit together as Will investigates the recent murder of a prostitute.

This was a very enjoyable read.


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