Three Twigs for the Campfire

Three Twigs for the CampfireThree Twigs for the Campfire by Joseph Cognard
Published by Joseph Cognard on August 19th 2012
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Billy is excited yet nervous about attending his first ever “kids only” camp out with his siblings (Chelsea and Jack). Billy is the youngest of his siblings and it is his first camp out with them. He is afraid of the dark and what will happen when their camp fire burns out? As per tradition, each sibling tells a story around the campfire. What will Billy talk about? How will he face his fear of the dark when he and his siblings finish their campfire stories?

Each sibling takes a turn telling his or her not so scary campfire story. The stories are cute and appropriate for children of all ages. The stories told around the campfire are short, cute and will appeal to both boys and girls alike. This book was beautifully illustrated by the Author’s daughters.

I also put this book to the test of my young reader. My son has to read nightly for his English class. He read Three Twigs for the Campfire over the course of 3 days and really enjoyed it. I like that this book is not scary and really does appeal to readers of all ages. The stories that are told around the campfire are unique and entertaining. The siblings have a good relationship and encourage each other during the night and while they each tell their tales.

How will Billy face his fear of the dark? What story will he tell? Read and find out!

I received a copy of this book from The Author in exchange for an honest review.


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