Three Junes

Three JunesThree Junes by Julia Glass
Published by Anchor on April 22nd 2003
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0385721420
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Needless to say, I did not care for this book. The beginning was the most tolerable for me but the middle was difficult and at the end I was just happy it was over. I did not care for the dead wife, Maureen. Drowning the puppies without a care in the world really bothered me. Puppy killing aside, she not a likable character. The middle and biggest part of the book belongs to Fenno who was angry and not very interesting to me. I can’t fault the writing per se. The Author is a good writer but I just did not connect to the story. I thought of putting the book aside several times while reading it. The premise of the book sounded good to me and that is why I choose it. But it was mainly boring for me.


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