The Woman in the Woods (Charlie Parker #16)

The Woman in the Woods (Charlie Parker #16)The Woman in the Woods (Charlie Parker, #16) by John Connolly
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 496
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That is the sound of John Connolly hitting it out of the ball park yet again! I honestly think these books are getting better and better! This is the sixteenth book in the series and it feels as if Connolly is only getting warmed up! I was first introduced to this series when I received book twelve, The Wolf in Winter, through a goodreads give away!!! I was hooked!!!! I have gone back and read some previous books but have been on top of the books that have followed The Wolf in Winter. I really love how Connolly blends mystery, suspense, horror, paranormal, and occasionally romance into his books. I also love that two of the supporting characters are two gay men (Louis and Angel) in love with each other who are also Charlie Parker’s sidekicks/hired muscle who kick ass and take names – or not. They really don’t need your name – they will kick your ass anyway.

Charlie Parker continues to be a man who is troubled yet surviving. He has never gotten over the loss of his wife and daughter who were viciously murdered. He also has a daughter named Sam who lives with her Mother. Parker still loves Sam’s mother but knows being with them puts them both in danger and this further adds to his angst and heartache. Charlie Parker is a private investigator who is often hired to solve cases which no one else can solve. He is often assisted by Louis and Angel but in this book, Angel is in the hospital. He has cancer and is awaiting surgery. Louis helps when he can but also needs to be with Angel both before and after his surgery.

A lot is going on with this book, but I found even with all the characters and the action, things never became confusing. A young woman’s body has been found in the woods after a storm. The star of David has been cared on a tree near where her body was found. To complicate matters, it appears that she died shortly after giving birth, but a baby was never found or reported missing. The woman’s body being found complicates things for several characters while other characters are on a collision course for the town in Maine.

Connolly blends several genres in his books effortlessly. His writing is often quite beautiful and lyrical. He really is a master of the written word. His books have plots and sub-plots that are woven so brilliantly together. He weaves the past and the present together seamlessly in this book. I love the inclusion of his deceased daughter’s spirit and how she talks to him, her sister Sam, and in this book to Daniel.

I feel this book would work well as a standalone novel BUT to really appreciate Connolly’s work in the Charlie Parker series, I STRONGLY recommend going back to the beginning and reading his earlier books. These books really do build upon the last and there is character development and a continuation of certain story lines and characters. Plus, you are in for some damn good reading!

There are several series which I follow closely, and this is one of them! Stellar writing, great intricate plots, and suspense! Highly recommend! If this is not the typical type of book you read – challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone! You might just be happy you did!


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