The Wedding

The WeddingThe Wedding (The Notebook, #2) by Nicholas Sparks
Published by Vision on August 1st 2005
Pages: 276
ISBN: 0446615862
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After forgetting his 29th wedding anniversary, Wilson realizes that his wife is no longer happy in their marriage. She decides to visit her son in New York alone and decides to stay there for several weeks. Wilson decided it’s time to make drastic changes in his life in order to put some romance back into his marriage. He loses weight begins cooking dinner for his wife once a week and begins reminiscing about the last 29 years with his wife and realizes why he fell in love with her. Their daughter Anna also makes the announcement that she has recently gotten engaged and wants to get married soon specifically on their 30th wedding anniversary because she wants her grandfather Noah from Nicholas Sparks book The Notebook to be in attendance at her wedding. This audiobook is really charming and sweet. The narrator had a great voice and you really felt like Wilson the middle aged man was telling the story of his marriage to you. There is a little twist at the end which was really sweet.

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