The Vanishing

The VanishingThe Vanishing by Wendy Webb
Published by Hyperion on January 21st 2014
Pages: 291
ISBN: 1401341942
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Julia Graham is recently widowed and looking to start her life over. When she is approached by a stranger with an opportunity to act as a caretaker for his Mother, Amaris Sinclair. Julia is intrigued by the offer. His Mother, Amaris is a famous author who the world believes died ten years ago. She is alive and well and living in a beautiful estate.

When Julia arrives at the estate which has a lot of history, she hears children singing but there are no children in sight. She also quickly observes that Amaris Sinclair does not really need a caretaker. Why has she been invited to come work at Havenwood and what is really going on at the estate?

I think this book had the potential to be a really good haunted house book but somewhere along the way it just lost it’s momentum for me. The book is touted as being a Gothic ghost/haunting story. In this we have a Victorian estate in the middle of nowhere with a long family history. But in all honesty, those were the Gothic factors. When I think Gothic, I think of Daphne Du Mauier’s books “Rebecca” or “My Cousin Rachel” For me, this book has Gothic elements but didn’t feel Gothic. Just my opinion. This book also failed to be creepy. It didn’t really shock or scare me. There were some twists and revelations that moved the story along but nothing that really said “WOW” to me. Initially this book sucked me in but as I said it lost me a little along the way.

This book is a fast read so perfect when you have some down time or a plane trip. There is nothing really complex going on with the plot.

Not sure about the ending and by that I mean the epilogue. On one level I really like epilogues on another level, I wonder what they can add to the story. With this book I really don’t know what to think.


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