The Thing Speaks for Itself

by A.S.A. Durphy
Published by Sneaky Quiet Publishing three-stars

I struggled with this one. I picked this book up to read and repeatedly put this book down to read other books which grabbed and held my attention.

Former Special agent, Gracie Stratis was wounded and returns home to Oakland to recover from her life-threatening injuries. Although she may be healing physically, mentally she is not doing so well. Then one of her and her brother’s friends, Noah, goes missing and Gracie is on the hunt. Not only is Gracie on the hunt, but so is Detective Walter Wuhl. He and Gracie are on a collision course to find the missing “rich kid.”

Along the way, Gracie learns about deception from those she once trusted, bribery, and those willing to do anything for money. If those are enough issues to go up against, Gracie is having visions/hallucinations which make things more difficult for her.

I love action books, I love mysteries, I love strong female characters so this book should have been up my alley, right? Well, I found Gracie to be impulsive, she acted without thinking, and was unstable at times. Let’s face it, if you can’t trust what you see or hear, how do you distinguish between reality and your hallucinations.

The plot was good but, I am finding that if I can’t connect with any of the characters it greatly diminishes my enjoyment level. I would say this is a good attempt. With more writing, I believe this Author will become more polished. As I stated, I struggled with this one. It wasn’t a fast or an easy read for me.

This book is a very unconventional detective/missing persons story.


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