The Stars Are Fire

The Stars Are FireThe Stars Are Fire by Anita Shreve
Published by Random House on May 2nd 2017
Pages: 256
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The Star are fire did not set my interest on fire.

Grace Hollond is living a less than exciting life in Maine during 1947. She is in a strained marriage with a less than stellar sex life. She has two young children, and becomes pregnant with her third child and has resigned herself to that fact that this is how her life is going to be. Her happiness comes form her children and her best friend who lives next door. Her husband is a volunteer firefighter who gets called into action when a fire breaks out along the Maine Coast from Bar Harbor to Kittery. The area has seen a drought and everything is dry and burns out of control.

During the fire, Grace is helpless to save her home. She and her friend watch as their homes are burned to the ground. They must flee into the Ocean to save their own lives. The next morning they are all lucky to be alive but what remains of their lives is in turmoil. Both women are now homeless, do not know the location of their husbands, if their spouses are even alive and where they will go from here.

Grace eventually goes to her deceased Mother in law’s home where she finds a new freedom. She can now do what she WANTS. She can get a job, own a car and begin to carve out a future for her and her children. The reader sees Grace grown and come into her own if you will. She shows strength and resiliency. She also gets a hint at romance which is then dashed when her burned and injured husband returns home. Her happiness is dashed when her controlling husband is back home.

Sounds great, right? I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this book really failed to grab me. I know what I didn’t like. I did not care for Grace’s husband, Gene. I did like Grace’s strength and determination. But overall this book failed to WOW me. I thought it was good and not great. I did not connect with the story or the characters. This was a book that I thought I would enjoy a lot more than I did. The description sounded great – interesting in fact. But it was just meh for me. Good not great.


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