The Silent Corner

The Silent CornerThe Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
Published by Bantam on June 20th 2017
Pages: 464
ISBN: 0345545990
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I very much need to be dead.

The Silent Corner is a new series from Dean Koontz which introduces a strong female lead character, FBI agent, Jane Hawk. Jane goes on leave after her husband’s suicide – a suicide that occurred after a string of migraine headaches. While grieving her husband’s death, Jane realizes that suicide rates have gone up and that very accomplished seemingly happy people are committing suicide in alarmingly high numbers. As Jane seeks to find answers, she becomes a hunted woman. A woman, who herself is hunting for the truth. She has to do everything in secret in order to stay alive. There are those in power who would do anything to stop her from finding out the truth.

I have not read a Dean Koontz book in quite some time. I am used to his “horror” books and this was definitely not a “horror” book, but more of a suspense non-stop action thriller. I will admit, I kinda missed the “horror”. Plus this is the beginning of a new series so there is not true “resolution” in this book which would be fine if I LOVED the book – which I didn’t. I liked the book but as far as conspiracy books are concerned, this fell flat for me. There was a lot of action, I will give it that, but even will all of the action, the story did not grab me. Yes, all of the action kept my attention and I did keep reading in order to find out who was behind the wave of suicides. This book did not drag. There was always something going on, Jane was always kicking some bad guy’s butt. Koontz did write a strong female character, I will give him that. Often I will read a book which is part of a series, and even if I read a book out of order, the book feels like a stand alone novel for me. This book did not feel like a stand alone novel as there was no resolution. Perhaps I would have enjoyed the book more if there was some glimmer of who was the mastermind, who was the man visiting people in their homes, what is the agenda, how are people being infected, etc. For me, there were too many unanswered questions.

Received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Bantam in exchange for an honest review.


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