The Sacrifice

The SacrificeThe Sacrifice by Indrajit Garai
Published by Indrajit Garai on August 25th 2016
Pages: 218
ISBN: 1519735308
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The Sacrifice is a collection of three short stories: The Move, The Listener, and The Sacrifice.

The Move is about Guillaume, a dairy farmer in France, who gives up everything to protect his child. The listener is about Matthew, who risks his life to save a tree, and The Sacrifice is about François, an Author, who will sacrifice everything for his grandson. In short, this book is about the sacrifices people make for those (or those things) they love.

In a short story, there needs to be something to grab the reader and pull them in, I didn’t feel that pull with these stories. I found the stories to be weighed down by descriptions that were unnecessary-sometimes less is more. Also, I had some problems with the writing and choice of words. Another reviewer pointed out that English may not be this Author’s first language and then I thought “perhaps not”. That would explain some things such as sentence structure, short sentences, choice of words, etc.

This book was a chore for me. I either like short stories or they annoy me. Lately I have been reading novels which I think would work better as short stories and reading short stories that I wished were longer. This book, did not fit into either of those categories. I believe over time; this writer will become more polished. I appreciate the message of making sacrifices for those we love, of having to make choice for another.

I found “The Move” to be difficult in the beginning and kept having to try and figure out who was who. Once I got the players down, the reading became easier. The last part of this book shined for me (when he makes the sacrifice for his son) I also really enjoyed the scene where the vultures attack. That part had promise. Maybe that makes me a tad macabre, but I found that section to be well written.

The Listener, for me, was simply okay. It was my least favorite of the three. There were some long descriptions and I get that the Author was creating tension and setting up his characters for the “sacrifice” but some just seemed long. I also did not feel a connection to any of the characters in this short story.

In the final short story, Francois wants to help his grandson, he needs money as his grandson recently moved in with him. This story is one where I felt for the Grandfather. He was once a successful Author and now his success has waned. He feels a strong sense of responsibility to care for his grandson, he strives to provide, and things go wrong. This felt rushed at the end, but again, I did feel for the grandfather.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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