The Red Hunter

The Red HunterThe Red Hunter by Lisa Unger
Published by Touchstone on April 25th 2017
Pages: 368
ISBN: 1501101676
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“Some relationships are like pythons: they wrap around you, slowly squeezing until you can’t breathe.”

Is there a difference between justice and revenge? That is the main question of this book.

Claudia Bishop is brutally attacked and raped upon coming home after a night out with her husband. Her once, extremely happy marriage begins to crumble and she learns that she is pregnant. Is the baby her husband’s or the rapist’s? She deals with her increasing anxiety with writing a blog about life after rape. Soon her marriage ends and she eventually moves to the country in order to restore an old home and blog about it. The home has it’s secrets as horrible things have happened there unbeknownst to Claudia.

Zoey Drake survived a brutal home invasion that left her Father and Mother dead. The masked men who attacked her family were looking for something they felt her father had hidden in the home. They never found what they were looking for the night they terrorized and murdered her family. After the attack, Zoey was raised by her uncle and dove into learning self defense in order to feel strong and help her cope with the trauma of her past.

Although they have never met, both women have things in common: both survived brutal attacks and both have struggled to move on with their lives. Plus, Claudia is restoring the home where Zoey’s was attacked and her parents were murdered. Thus begins their collision course. A Collision course of justice, revenge, murder, greed, deceit, truth, love, and family.

I really enjoyed how Unger wove both women’s stories. Usually when two story-lines are going I tend to really enjoy one more than the other. I can’t say this was the case with this book. Both women had very compelling stories and sadness in their lives. Both story-lines were intriguing and I was invested in both. As I read I kept waiting to see how their stories would come together and they did so beautifully. What also worked for me was how certain “truths” came to light. The reader is privy to who some of the bad guys are – but not all. There is a question as to who else was involved and why. I enjoyed that through the telling of both women’s stories, we also got a glimpse into Zoey’s Father, Mother and Uncle Paul’s life. We were slowly shown all the dots and slowly I was able to connect them.

This book flowed nicely for me. The pacing was perfect. It never felt drawn out nor did it feel rushed. I was absorbed the entire time. The characters were likable – except of course the one’s we were never meant to like. I enjoyed this book. It was a fast highly enjoyable read.

Highly recommend.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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