The Paying Guests

The Paying GuestsThe Paying Guests by Sarah Waters
Published by Riverhead Books on September 16th 2014
Pages: 564
ISBN: 1594633118
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This book started out EXTREMELY slow for me. It took 100 pages for me to even decide if I liked the book even a little. They were a really, really slow and forever to get there 100 pages. As in I almost gave up on this book it was so slow. I kept scratching my head as I had heard so much HYPE about this book. Was I the only one on the planet who was bored by the beginning?

Finally things got more interesting. It is hard to describe why the book became interesting to me without giving away the plot. A young woman, Frances, and her Mother, Mrs. Wray, have to take in borders after learning that they need money. They take in Mr. and Mrs. Barber (Lilian and Leonard Barber) as “paying guests”. I didn’t really care for any of the characters and it took quite some time for the story to get my attention. We do get to learn more about the characters and their lives and their “relationships” with other members of the home. The book felt a little long – or maybe I felt this way because I didn’t really feel for any of the characters. Waters does write beautifully but that wasn’t enough to make this a more than a 3 star for me. There are a couple of “reveals” in the book which helped it pick up the pace and made it interesting but overall, this book did not live up to it’s hype IMO. It was good not great. The beginning of the book was just too much of a boring stinker to render a higher rating.


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