The Night Trade

The Night TradeThe Night Trade (Livia Lone, #2) by Barry Eisler
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 316
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The Night Trade is the second book in the Livia Lone series. I strongly suggest reading Livia Lone first, so you have the entire back story on Livia’s character and her need for vengeance and revenge for what happened to her and her sister.

Detective Livia Lone works is a sex-crimes detective who has been given a position with a government anti-trafficking case. She jumps at the chance to return to Thailand so that she can seek out Rithisak Sorm, the man who was responsible for what happened to her and her sister (and hundreds of other kids as well). When a takedown goes wrong, she learns that she is not alone on the hunt for Sorm. A man by the name of Dox is also hunting him. Dox and Livia are nothing alike and it takes them some time to trust each other and realize that they have the same goal in mind – justice.

Those that have read Eisler’s John Rain books know Dox well. He is my favorite character in the series, so I was extremely happy to see his aww-shucks good ole boy Texas persona once again! Dox is a sniper with a witty personality and for a big guy he can hide in plain sight due to his ability to blend in and looks like a harmless tourist.

I thought Livia Lone was a great book. I had high hopes for this book but there were parts that just felt flat for me. Dox is what really saved this book for me and pushed it to a 3.5-star rating, again mainly because I loved his character so much from the John Rain series. Some readers may not be familiar with him, so I don’t know how they will embrace Dox. Again, reading the John Rain series will help readers know and love Dox. Livia is a tough chick, but she has her issues and while reading this book, I kept thinking how she passed any psychological background checks. She had to have undergone them to do what she did for a living. But I digress….

It’s not a secret that Eisler once worked for the CIA and has a huge martial arts background. I have always loved his fight scenes and tales of international intrigue, inter-workings of the government, spies, etc. but for some reason they did not work for me in this book. I also did not care for Livia as much in this book. I found her to be more likable in the first book.

Thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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