The Murder of King Tut

The Murder of King TutThe Murder of King Tut by James Patterson, Martin Dugard
on September 28th 2009
Pages: 332
ISBN: 0316034045
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Rating this book is difficult. It is not that it is a terribly bad book. But it is not a great book. This is basically Patterson trying to determine who Murdered (if King Tut was really murdered) King Tut. I liken this book to books about Jack the Ripper where authors(especially crime/mystery writers) make an argument as to who they presume was Jack the Ripper. We will never know Ripper’s identity just as we will never know if Tut died of a broken leg which became infected or if he was murdered in his sleep. But the author looks at the forensic evidence available and makes a stab (bad pun) at it. That is what Patterson does with this book. Yes, he does also toot his own horn a little in the book but that wasn’t really annoying. Patterson is famous for his short chapters so they also came as no surprise to me. Patterson looked at the history of the explorer who tried for years to find the site of King Tut’s burial. Those interested in Ancient history and pyramids will find this interesting. Patterson also discusses the findings of various forensic experts who examined/X-rayed/MRI Tuts remains. From there he speculates who had motives to Kill King Tut.mains. From there he speculates who had motives to Kill King Tut.


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