The Known World

The Known WorldThe Known World by Edward P. Jones
Published by Amistad on August 29th 2006
Pages: 432
ISBN: 0061159174
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Very good book. I have to admit while reading this book on slavery I felt a little ignorant. I never knew that free (former) slaves bought and owned slaves themselves. Just another thing that I did not learn in American history. This book had many characters but the characters were not overwhelming. The characters involve a man who worked hard to buy his freedom and eventually the freedom of his wife and later their child only to see their child prosper and purchase slaves for himself. The book also focuses on his slaves and their relationships. There is also the sheriff and his wife who are given a slave girl as a wedding gift even though they are against slavery they raise her and think of her as their “child” All of these stories come together in The Known World.


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