The Italian Party

The Italian PartyThe Italian Party by Christina Lynch
Published by St. Martin's Press on March 20th 2018
Pages: 336
ISBN: 1250147832
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Scottie and Michael are newlyweds living in Tuscany in the 1950’s. What could be better! Sound like the adventure of a lifetime and in many ways, it is. But they both have secrets they are keeping from the other. They really didn’t know each other for too long before they decided to get married. Michael liked that Scottie was educated at Vassar. That meant she came from money, right? She is a blonde from California and he believed she must come from a “good family.” Scottie looks good on his arm. She is quite beautiful, and Michael liked the image they presented. Scottie liked that Michael was educated at Yale. He wore a sharp looking suit and is a handsome man. He is kind, intelligent and charming. Plus, he has a good job. What more could a girl ask for? Plus, Scottie has a secret and has not been forthcoming about her past as she should have been.

Michael also has secrets he is keeping from Scottie. Michael has a secret job. Scottie believes he works for the Ford company and they are in Italy, so he can do business for Ford. Michael really works for the CIA and is in Sienna to make sure a certain candidate wins the election. His goal is to make sure that the current communist leader is not re-elected. That is not his only secret.

When Scottie’s Italian teacher goes missing, she learns many things. There are “truths” out there. The truths about herself, her husband, her marriage, and world affairs. When the “truths” come out, how will Michael and Scottie react? How will this affect them individually, as a married couple and as American’s living abroad.

This was an enjoyable book that touches on many things. It is part humor – part drama – part romance. It touches on living abroad, living with secrets, world affairs in the 1950’s, how secrets affect us, identity, duty, being true to yourself, and living a lie. I found it to be well written and engaging. Plus, the setting and the food will make you wish you were reading this book while vacationing in Italy! Plus, all the characters are likable, engaging and I felt for all of them. Both Scottie and Michael are likable, and I can’t say more about them without giving away some of the plot. What I will say is that this book is charming, entertaining and well written. It’s not a page turner but it will suck you in to these characters world and into their lives.

I received a copy of this book from St. Martin’s press in exchange for an honest review.


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