The House at the Edge of Night

The House at the Edge of NightThe House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner
Published by Random House on July 12th 2016
Pages: 419
ISBN: 0812998790
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But Islands can only exist If we have loved in them.
-Derek Walcott

This book slowly creeps up on the reader. To say that I thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement. The setting of this book is on an island off the coast of Italy – Castellamare. It is like a little world in and of itself. It is where a cafe called The House at the Edge of Night where the community gathers to gossip and share their histories.

Amedeo Esposito was raised an orphan and finally finds a sense of family with his mentor, the doctor who treated him while he was in an orphanage. He, himself, decides to become a doctor and obtains a job on the mysterious and remote island of Castellamare. It is there where he meets not one but two women. One whom he marries and one whom he has an affair with. On a fateful night two babies are born on the island and his life it thrown into turmoil. In a small town, on a small island, indiscretions are hard to keep secret.

Even thought his marriage is troubled by his indiscretion, His wife, Pina, gives birth to their 3 boys and one daughter. This man’s life and the lives of his children are told (as are the lives of others who live on the island). What also works is Amedeo’s love of stories and his love of telling stories. He collects, writes and tells his stories from when he was a boy until he is an adult. His stories are the stories he has been told. He likes to collect them in his notebook which is handed down to his children.

There is not a lot of action in this book. It is not a typical page turner. It is like a “sleeper” hit movie that comes out of nowhere and wins the heart it’s audience. This book is quiet with a nice moving pace. The story is told about the four generations of this man’s family but it is his initial story which really shined for me and sucked me in. Love and care went into the writing of this book and I felt it as I read and grew to loved the story myself.


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