The Hill

The HillThe Hill by Karen Bass
Published by Pajama Press on March 31st 2016
Pages: 256
ISBN: 1772780022
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Jared regains consciousness after being in a plane crash. Kyle, first on the scene, is attempting to help the injured Pilot and Jared. Both teens are around the same age, but come from different cultures/different backgrounds. Realizing he has no cell phone reception, Jared insists the two hike to the top of the Mountain to get better reception. Kyle grew up being told by his Cree Grandmother to never climb the Mountain. However, Kyle reluctantly agrees to go with Kyle feeling Kyle will need his help.

Both teens have preconceived notions about the other. Kyle views Jared as a spoiled rich white boy. Jared refers to Kyle is a Cree Indian who Jared refers to as a “savage” but secretly envies how capable Kyle is on the Mountain.

After spending a night on the mountain they come back to the scene of the crash and see that the plane and injured pilot is missing, something appears to be hunting them and they see the “ghost” of Kyle’s Grandmother.

Thus begins their tale. Their story having to do with the Cree Wihtiko legend. Their story for survival begins. For me their survival story was okay at best. I liked this book, I did not love it. I liked the character of Kyle the best. I felt that I didn’t really feel too much for Jared’s character and Kyle, I liked because he was the most capable and was willing to help Jared even if it meant going against what he was told. I didn’t find the Wihtiko to be that scary. I think the story would have been better for me if there were more scary moments. The book just seemed to be lacking in something for me. I can’t quite say what it was. More scares, more bonding of the boys, more about the Cree people and their legend…I don’t know…just something more. I felt there wasn’t enough for me to sink my teeth into with this one.

As I said, I liked the book. I didn’t love it.


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