The Heavens May Fall

The Heavens May FallThe Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens
Published by Seventh Street Books on October 4th 2016
ISBN: 1633882063
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Let Justice be done, though the Havens may fall

Detective Max Rupert is investigating a murder where he strongly believes that the woman’s husband killed her. His good friend, Broady Sanden, is convinced that the woman’s husband is innocent. Will this case destroy their friendship? What will this case cost both men?

While investigate the case Max is still coping with the Murder of his wife. He cannot investigate her cold case as it is against police procedures. Will his grief and desire to know the truth about his wife’s case get in his way of investigating the current murder case he is investigating.

Both men make strong cases as to why Ben Pruitt either killed or did not kill his wife, Jennavieve. Both have have a past with Ben. Ben is an attorney who had a legal practice with Broady Sanden at one point. Max was cross examined by Ben and Ben was subsequently reprimanded for using a false document to discredit Max’s testimony. I really enjoyed the way both of their perspectives were told in this book. This book is part crime story, part mystery, part drama, part suspense story. The nice part is there is nothing really graphic or disturbing in this book so almost everyone can read this book and not feel squeamish or be put off by the subject matter.

I find it extremely easy to get sucked into Allen Eskens’s books. There is something so delicious about the way he writes. I find myself getting sucked into his characters world and feel I am not longer reading the book but an observer in these characters intricately written lives. His characters are believable. They are multi dimensional and likable. Even the unlikable characters are likable in an unlikable kind of way. Perhaps my last sentence did not make sense but I think if you read this book, you will see my point.

This was another captivating book by an Author who does not disappoint.


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