The Good Luck of Right Now

The Good Luck of Right NowThe Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick
Published by Harper on February 11th 2014
Pages: 304
ISBN: 006228553X
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Dear Richard Gere,

I just read a really great book about Bartholomew Neil who suddenly finds himself living alone after his Mother dies of Brain Cancer. But he does not stay alone for long. His eccentric ex-Priest moves in with him, he has a grief counselor named Wendy and meets Max who ironically is the Brother of the Girl-librarian named Wendy who he has a crush on. He suddenly finds that he is not alone and not only will he learn about his biological father, he will have a beer in a pub with his new #$#@ friend, travel to Canada, hey. Throw in Cat Parliament and a Martini with the Girl librarian (Wendy) and Bartholomew finds friends, himself, some feral cats and learns that he is not so alone in this world after all. Chalk it all up to the Good Luck of Right now.

This book was#$%#@^$^good! Seriously, I really enjoyed this quirky book. This was a fast easy read. I loved the concept that each chapter was a letter that he wrote to Richard Gere, his Mother’s favorite actor. Very clever book.


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