The Good Daughter

The Good DaughterThe Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter
Published by William Morrow on August 8th 2017
Pages: 528
ISBN: 0062430262
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When discussing Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn is quoted as saying “I’ll follow her anywhere.” What Gillian doesn’t know is that she will have to step in line behind ME!!!

Cop Town was my first Karin Slaughter book and it started my love affair with her books. I binge read her Grant County and Will Trent Series. She had me twisted up and crying in parts especially at the end of her Grant County series. I couldn’t read Pretty Girls fast enough. If she decided to re-write a phone book, I would stand in line to read it. Yes, I am gushing…but her books are KICK ASS!!! I have honestly not read a book by her and been disappointed. She is at the top of her game and I believe she is only getting warmed up. I look forward to years and years of reading her novels. Did I say she is my favorite Author? My husband actually said “I’m happy and excited for you.” when we picked up “The Good Daughter” at our local library.

Having said that, her books are not for everyone. There is violence, horrible, horrible things happen to people. This may be hard for some people to stomach. But violence is not kind, it is not sweet and it is not pretty. Violence is graphic and raw, Slaughter does her research and consults with a lot of professionals when she writes her books. She does not write her scenes to titillate but to show how gruesome crimes and attacks can be. Her scenes are realistic not gratuitous. Plus, lets not all forget that she is an awesome writer. She writes complex characters and if you have read her series you will know that she has incredible character development as those series progress. I do believe she could make quantum physics sound interesting to me. How can a woman who likes to post photos of baby animals on Facebook write such books? She is brilliant. I could wax on all day about her but I will just give you the gist of this story:

Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s father is a defense attorney who represents some questionable people. His recent case involved a rape acquittal and the young rape victim committed suicide rather than live with what happened to her. Emotions were high and raw. Their father was not the most popular person in town. Their home was recently burned down and the family had re-located to a farm house. One evening the girls were at home with their Mother when two masked men entered the home. As the blurb goes “Two girls are forced into the woods at gunpoint. One runs for her life. One is left behind…”

Charlotte grows up to become an attorney herself and lives in the same hometown as her father. She finds herself at the scene of a school shooting and her past comes back with a vengeance. An estranged family member also comes back as well. Secrets are revealed, the “what really happened that night” is revealed. The “hows”, the “whats” and the “whys” become known to all parties. Whew!

That is it. I am not going to give any more of the story away. GET OUT THERE AND READ THIS BOOK ALREADY!!!!!!!! Then see if you don’t want to read more and more by Slaughter!

There is a reason that Karin Slaughter has such a HUGE fan base. She writes amazing books. Her writing is intelligent, thought out and well paced. There is NEVER a dull moment. She has layers to her plots. She has fantastic character development. I also like that her characters have flaws and are not always likable and may make mistakes and use poor judgement. In essence that is what makes her characters feel so real to me. She has fantastic pacing and I have literally sat at the edge of my seat reading her books.

Highly recommend!


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