The Ghosts

The GhostsThe Ghosts by Antonia Barber
on August 1st 1975
Pages: 214
ISBN: 0671707140
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Lucy and her brother, Jamie, meet two children in the garden. The problem? The children died a century ago. Then the two siblings go back into the past to help rectify a mistake. By doing so they are placing themselves in harm but if they are successful, they get to change things for their mysterious new friends.

I checked this book out from my school library as a child and loved it! One could say that it haunted me! I was intrigued by the fact that children could be ghosts and would want other children to help them. I have thought about this book over the years a lot!

Reading this book as an adult, I still enjoyed it but perhaps not so much as when I was a child. What I appreciate is that the Author has created an atmospheric “gothic” feeling novel. There is some “time travel “if you will as the children from the past come to the present time (1969) to seek help. As a child this book was riveting because it was about magic, time travel, it dealt with children dying in a fire, and was suspenseful. I was also on the edge of my seat reading the book as I was not sure if the children would be successful. One does need to suspend some disbelief as they read this book due to the time travel. I think the reason that so many people who have read this as a child and continue to think about it since the main characters are children and bad things happen to children. In this book children are ghosts, they are heroes, they are in danger, they are clever, etc. Plus, this book is for readers who have graduated from fairy tales and books where everyone lives happily ever after. This book was most likely the first book that put a little fear in them. I know it did me.!


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