The Ghost of Crow Cavern

The Ghost of Crow CavernThe Ghost of Crow Cavern by Norman Mounter, John Wedlake
Published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd on March 30th 2018
Pages: 98
ISBN: 1786934930
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A colony of red squirrels live in peace in harmony until one day a stranger arrives – a large grey squirrel who has arrived on their shore bearing gifts and promises of brotherhood. In reality he is sizing them up and reports back his observations to the grey squirrels waiting on the fleet of boats off shore. When the fleet of boats arrive carrying the much larger grey squirrels, the red squirrels quickly learn that their distant cousins are there to take over. The red squirrels are separated from their mates and offspring.

“Your colony is now ours, and we shall endeavour to use you and your resources to enrichen the imperial spoils of conquest and world domination.”

The cover may make this book looks as if it is a children’s book. I would suggest this book for middle school and above reading levels. Since the beginning of time there have been battles where one country or one group of people try to overtake, dominate or wipe out another group of people. This book uses squirrels to show how one group tries to seek dominance and control over another group. Dominance, segregation, brutality and brain washing are tools utilized in this book. The red squirrels also show how cunning, determination and resiliency aid in survival.

This is a short story easily read in one sitting which is interesting and thought provoking. The length makes it perfect for young readers who might not have the patience for a longer book. There are some darker parts to this book which do not make it suitable for younger readers so again, I think this is best suited for an upper middle school age group and up. This is essentially a good vs. evil type book that shows the horrors of one race/group being taken over by another. When one is happily living their life, and another shows up and says this is my land now.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

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