The Friends We Keep

The Friends We KeepThe Friends We Keep (Mischief Bay, #2) by Susan Mallery
Published by MIRA on February 23rd 2016
Pages: 402
ISBN: 0778318729
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Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Susan Mallery weaves the tale of three friends, Gabby, Nicole, and Hailey, living in Mischief Bay, CA.

Their individual stories are told and their story-lines intertwine as they are all friends.

Nicole is a divorced Mom who has a young son who wins a chance to meet the Author of his favorite book. Nicole is not happy about going and has a funny and cute fist meeting with the Author of the book. Afraid of getting close to someone again, she tries hard to resist when she develops feelings for someone.

Gabby is a Mother of twins and stepmother to a teenage daughter. She has stayed home after the birth of her twins and is looking forward to going back to work when her daughters begin school. Her husband, Andrew, is sweet with traditional values that get in the way when an unexpected surprise happens in their family.

Hailey has been trying to have a biological child with her husband, Rob. She has suffered many miscarriages and is desperate to keep trying. Will the strain of her weakening health and her obsession to have a biological child put a strain on their marriage.

This book works very well as a stand alone book, although it is part of a series. I did not feel that I was missing out of anything having not read the prior book. The women in this book were likable and their stories engaging. I enjoyed Nicole’s story-line the most and Hailey’s the least. What I liked the most was that their stories were so believable and real. Mallery writes enjoyable work with characters that most people can relate to in some manner.


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