The Forgotten Girls

The Forgotten GirlsThe Forgotten Girls (Stevens & Windermere, #6) by Owen Laukkanen
Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons on March 14th 2017
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0399174559
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He preys on women. Women who will not be missed. They are runaways, transients, prostitutes, etc. Women, who, once gone are forgotten. He hunts the forgotten girls.

This book opens with a teenager being found murdered. No one is quite sure of her name (her real name), where she comes from or why she was riding the rails. FBI agents Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere stumble upon the case after the murdered teen’s picture is found on a cell phone. How did it get there? Why is a picture of the murder scene showing up on a young man’s cell phone(A man who is not connected with the case.)? As the agents begin to investigate the case, they learn that there is someone else investigating the case as well. Another young teenage girl, Mila, who was a friend of the murdered teenager. Both (the agents and Mila) learn that there is a serial killer riding the High Line train killing women along the way. A killer who seems to blend in, and goes unseen. Riders of the rail have heard of his existence, but local police and the FBI do not know of his existence or his connection to over 25 murders, until the dead teens picture is seen.

We soon learn who the mysterious killing rider is. An ex-Ranger who knows how to survive over rough terrain. His hatred for women is palpable. Both Mila and the agents are tracking him down and both are getting closer and closer to his home base…..

I wont give away this rest. This book is number 6 in the Stevens and Windermere series but it read as a stand alone book for me. I liked the story. Through the telling of the story, the reader learns what is going on in the mind of the serial killer and sees not only the FBI’s investigation, but Mila’s attempts to hunt down her friend’s killer as well.

More than halfway through the book, I thought they had him and the book should be over. I would have been fine with it ending there. But it didn’t end, it kept going and isn’t that the way of police/FBI investigations? Just when you think you’ve got ’em, they slip through your fingers…

As I said, I enjoyed this book but not enough to want to read this book’s predecessors. I think this book is good for those who like serial killer, police/FBI procedural books but without a lot of lot of graphic violence. Yes, there is violence here but it is not told in a graphic manner that you will see in other books. An enjoyable read.

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