The Echo Killing

The Echo KillingThe Echo Killing (Harper McClain #1) by Christi Daugherty
Published by Minotaur Books on March 13th 2018
Pages: 368
ISBN: 1250148847
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I loved it!

Harper McClain is a crime reporter living in Savannah, Georgia. When she was twelve-years-old, her mother was brutally murdered. Her Mother’s murderer was never found. This has been a driving force for Harper and one of the reasons she became a crime reporter. She has built a solid reputation for herself as a journalist and formed relationships with police officers over the years. One of the police officers serves as a father figure to her as she is estranged from her father. Harper owns a police scanner and shows up at crime scenes to report on them for her employer. But one day she arrives at a crime scene which seems eerily similar to the crime scene when her Mother’s was murdered. Could her Mother and this woman have been killed by the same person? Are there connections between the two cases? These questions will nag at her. She is driven to know the truth and desperately tries to find answers to all her unanswered questions.

Harper is a very strong and likable female character. She has flaws and makes some bad judgement calls and I appreciate her motivations for doing so. She found her Mother’s body and has always wanted justice. Her Mother’s killer was never found. She wants the truth. Her desire and search for the truth is believable and understandable.

I found this book to be fast paced, riveting, and well written. I cared about the characters and wanted to know what was going to happen next. I had a hunch who the killer was half way through and although I was correct, I still did not have all the dots connected. I thought this was a great whodunit. The plot unfolded beautifully – nothing felt rushed. The relationships in this book felt believable. This book also had a little bit of everything: police investigation, journalist investigation, romance, suspense, mystery and left the reader with a sense of anticipation.

I am also left anticipating the next book in this series!

I Highly recommend!


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