The Doll House

The Doll HouseThe Doll House by Phoebe Morgan
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 355
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I dare you to put this book down!

I literally read this book in one day. The blurb to this book is correct – You never know who is watching!

Corrine and her boyfriend have a wonderful life but with one exception – they are having fertility problems. After several failed IVF treatments, they are feeling the stress and Corrine is not taking their fertility problems well. One day she finds a familiar looking miniature piece near her doorway and feels that it may be a sign. It reminds her of the miniature pieces to the dollhouse her father built for she and her sister when they were children. Soon more pieces show up and it becomes evident that someone has been inside her home.

Ashley, Corrine’s sister, is a married mother with three children. Her husband James has been acting strange. He is “working” late hours and takes secret phone calls. Ashley has her suspicions and is also worried about her toddler who appears to have night terrors and her teenager who has begun sneaking around and drinking. If that is not enough, someone has been calling her home and breathing heavy or laughing on the ling.

Corrine and Ashley’s father was a famous Architect who died almost a year ago. As the anniversary of his death approaches, both women are experiencing strange occurrences in their private life.

But the two sisters are not the only characters in this story. There is the back story of a young girl who has a sad upbringing. She sits in the car with her Mother and also sneaks into a yard and watches a family through the windows. She is teased and bullied at school for being a “poor little rich girl”. Her Mother is not the most stable person and this young girl is raised in a not so loving environment. Always an outsider…always watching…always waiting…..

I really did not know what to expect with this book. I have to say that it kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the two story lines would come together. I thought they came together brilliantly. This is a very well thought out story. The plot pacing was fantastic. There were no dull moments. There is a reveal or an AHA! moment if you will. I don’t want to give too much more away except to say that this book did not disappoint. I will definitely be looking forward to more books by this Author.

I received a copy of this book from HQ Digital and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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