The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next DoorThe Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
Published by Pamela Dorman Books on August 23rd 2016
Pages: 320
ISBN: 0735221081
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The couple next door could also be titled “A couple of Knuckleheads”. Seriously, who leaves a baby home alone? You are just asking for trouble. When you ask for trouble, you get trouble.

Ann and Marco leave their six month old daughter, Cora home alone after a babysitter cancels, to attend a dinner party next door. Don’t even get me started on this…They not only leave their child home alone, they go drink, make merry, but check on the baby every half hour because they are such responsible parents (insert eye roll).

But sometime during their shifts checking on the baby and when they finally decide to head home, they discover their baby is missing. Detectives are called in to investigate Cora’s disappearance. Who is responsible? Will Cora ever be found? How did she disappear without a trace? Of course her parents are considered to be the initial suspects. Through the course of the books secrets are revealed – layers upon layers of secrets. It appears everyone in this book has a secret that can and will come out!

The premise of this book is very good. I read the description and wanted to read this. For me this book started off with great! I was drawn in from the very beginning. There really are no dull moments in this book. Things are always happening. But somewhere along the course of the book it became a little too much for my taste. I still enjoyed it. I think people who enjoy mysteries will enjoy this. There are no graphic scenes, no detailed scenes of violence, etc. so there really isn’t much here to turn off the average reader. I found the book to be good not great. The twists and turns became to be a little much.


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