The Black Angel

The Black AngelThe Black Angel (Charlie Parker, #5) by John Connolly
Published by Pocket Star on January 1st 1970
Pages: 576
ISBN: 0743487877
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This is a dark book. Charlie Parker’s friend/associate Louise has a family member missing. She is a drug addicted prostitute so private investigator Charlie Parker, his associates Louis and Angel go looking for her. He does this knowing that his relationship with Rachael (wife/Mother of his daughter) will be negatively affected. He has been trying to put his life back together and this investigation may prove to push their relationship over the ledge so to speak. When Parker, Louis and Angel find a room/sculpture of bones they realize there is more going on here. The story mainly takes place in the present but does have a back stories in the past: church of bones in Europe, a massacre at a french monastery. Mysterious deaths, a creepy corpulent man who does not appear to age and is in photographs from various times..myths of a Black Angel, etc. This is pretty dark with elements of mystery, paranormal, thriller, etc. Like some books I have read recently, I wish this book would have been 50 pages less. It seemed to drag a little in the middle. This book also does not do a good job of informing the reader of who the key players are (Louis and Angel). Had I not read a previous Charlie Parker book, I would have wondered how they knew Parker. This book just throws them into the action without much of a mention as to why/how they know Parker.


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