That Night

That NightThat Night by Chevy Stevens
Published by St. Martin's Press on June 17th 2014
Pages: 372
ISBN: 1250034604
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That night…….that night which changed everything for Toni Murphy.

The book opens as Toni Murphy is a thirty-four-year-old woman being released from prison. She and her high school boyfriend, Ryan have been wrongly convicted for the murder of Toni’s younger sister, Nicole. Now that Toni is out on parole, she is an entirely different person. Prison has toughened her, made her stronger, made her harder, and changed the relationships with those in her life forever. No one believed her or her boyfriend Ryan when the couple steadfastly claimed their innocence. Robbed of years of her life, Toni wants to start over and doesn’t want to do anything to violate her parole.

This book is told through alternating timelines. The reader is shown Toni’s life as a teenager. She is young, in love and has plans for her future. She, like most teenagers, rebels against her parents and is defiant, and breaks the rules. She was also being bullied by a group of girls who give all new meaning to the term “mean girls.”

As an adult, Toni struggles to move on with her life as the past looms heavily over her. Ryan, her high school sweetheart, believes he can find out who really killed Nicole as Toni struggles with her parent’s reaction to her being released from prison. How very sad to be doubted and not believed.

I discovered Chevy Stevens years ago, through an overdrive read along and became a fan. I find her books to be very readable and engaging. She has some twists and turns but nothing comes out of left field and nothing feels unbelievable.

That Night is a fast read with interesting characters. This is the perfect beach and/or plane book. A great way to escape the world for a while. Can easily be read in one sitting. This book kept my interest and was entertaining. I think most will guess the who but not the why when it comes to the killer in this book. As the saying goes – it’s the journey and the destination. Getting to the truth and unraveling secrets is the meat and potatoes of this book.


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