Tell No One

Tell No OneTell No One by Harlan Coben
Published by Dell Publishing Company on August 25th 2009
Pages: 370
ISBN: 0440236703
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I sat and read this book in one day. I found it to be an easy quick read. It is the third book by Coben that I have read and so far, my least favorite one I have read thus far.

The book opens with David and his wife Elizsabeth returning to “their” spot at the lake. They have loved each other all of their lives. They have been together since childhood and most thought that the relationship would fizzle out over time. But it has not. They come to the lake to put another notch in the tree where they have been recording their years together. While David is still floating the lake where they just swam, Elizabeth is drying off on the shore when she is suddenly grabbed and dragged away. As David tries to save her, he is hit repeatedly with a baseball bat. That is the last time he saw his wife alive.

Years later as he is working as a successful doctor, a message appears on his computer. It is a message he believes only he and his wife know. Then two bodies are found on land near to the lake where his wife went missing. The baseball bat used to beat David is found buried with them. Once again David becomes a suspect. His wife’s murder (her father identified her body) was blamed on a serial killer but what if David is right??? What if his wife is still alive? Others connected to the case or his wife have bad things happen to them. The truth is never as it seems and David learns there are things he did’t know about his wife.

There are a couple of story lines going on in this book, but they are all very easy to follow and in the end do merge into one. This book was good but not as full of the twisty twists and turns as I would have liked. There are some surprises but I thought this was missing a little OOMPH. Still enjoyable but felt a little like a made for television movie


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