Still Missing

Still MissingStill Missing by Chevy Stevens
on January 1st 1970
ISBN: 0312595670
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There is a quote I want to use so badly to describe this book – but I CAN’T as it will give away the shocker of an ending. Needless to say I did NOT see THAT ENDING coming!!!!

One day real estate agent, Annie O’Sullivan is at her open house. It is at the end of the day when a man shows up. He seems harmless. His clothes are pressed and nice so he must be a nigh guy, RIGHT????? WRONG! Annie is abducted by a man who seems to know a lot about her. A man who wants Annie to live by his rules. Everything must be done on his time frame. His behavior is erratic. He loves to see her afraid as he terrorizes her but also enjoys when she reads to him. She spends a year as his captive. She endures being raped, beaten and worse.

Annie’s story is told mainly through her sessions with her psychiatrist. Sessions where she early on tries to set some rules of her own. She will tell her story in her own way – no questions no interruptions. As she tells her tale of captivity, the reader is shown the horrific year she spent with this psychopath she refers to as “the Freak”. Annie has PTSD and is dealing with being back in the community, being the subject of media attention, re-forming relationships with her family and friends. She has issues with moving on and daily living but as her session progress the reader does see her sound more confident and sure of herself.

Who was the man that kidnapped her? Why was she the target? How does he know so much about her? There is a twist that I did not see coming in this book! I thought this was your classic stalking and kidnapping story. I was a little off center on that one! Do not read ahead! Do not spoil it for yourself.


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