Somebody’s Daughter

Somebody’s DaughterSomebody's Daughter by Rochelle B. Weinstein
Published by Lake Union Publishing on April 17th 2018
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1503949257
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“One simple mistake and my life is ruined!”

The Ross family might be picture perfect on the outside, but on the inside this family is dealing with some serious issues. On the evening of her twin daughters (Zoe and Lily) fifteenth birthday party, Emma Ross overhears her daughter’s friends having a conversation about a shocking video featuring one of her children. Concerned and alarmed, she later informs her husband, Bobby, about the conversation she overheard. They do some investigating and discover the video. They are left shocked, devastated, concerned and with so many questions. Their daughter has been filmed during a private act and the video is going viral. What should they do?

Confronted with the video their daughter admits the embarrassing truth. She is humiliated, embarrassed, and never wants to show her face in public. Emma also finds that her daughter’s plight has brought up an old issue/secret the she had buried. One that occurred when she was younger. Luckily for her, social media and texting were not around so her “secret” was not shared with the world. The fallout begins to take its toll on this family and other families involved. In this book we see the negative aspect of social media and what is shared with the world. With the internet comes cyber-stalking, cyber bullying, cyber-sexual harassment, sexting, child pornography, etc. What happens when one act is put out there for the community/world to see? How does someone move on after public embarrassment, bullying, judgement, blame and the impact this has on her self-esteem?

“I never fully realized what being a mom meant. I knew you felt what your child felt, deeply, but I never ever thought it would hurt this much…to be unable to protect them…to take away their pain.”

This book deals with a family who had it all – happiness, love, stability, community until it was torn apart. This book deals with serious issues and shows us how this family in crisis copes with their situation. Parents want to protect their children from harm. They want to believe that their child will not have a lapse of judgement or make a mistake. But what happens when they do. We are only human. What happens when one “thing” is made public? What happens when one mistake might follow them and haunt them for the rest of their lives? Does one mistake define you?

I found this book to be a fast read and perfectly paced. I felt for the characters and their situation.

I received a copy of this book from Lake Union Publishing and Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.


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