Smart Girl

Smart GirlSmart Girl by Rachel Hollis
Published by Lake Union Publishing on January 26th 2016
Pages: 258
ISBN: 1503953262
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Smart girl is a fun, quirky read that I read really fast!

The premise of the book is not that original…it is the classic girl likes her friend’s brother, tries to get him to like her scenario. Having said that, this book is fun and a very fast (and enjoyable read). The characters in this book are likable and entertaining.

Miko is very accomplished in her business. She is confident, accomplished, on top of things and comes up with unique ideas of how to design a space or throw a party. In her private life, she is less confident and often seems immature. She turns to her favorite books to help her find a way to get the object of her desire (Liam) to see her as more than just his sister’s friend.

Liam is starting a new restaurant and hires Miko to help him design her space. Along the way she comes up with ways, via her favorite book heroines, to catch his eye. Her attempts and mistakes/mess ups are fun to watch. I wanted to yell at her a couple of times to just be herself and to never attempt to make herself or anyone “sick” again. I don’t want to give anymore of the story away but to say that I really enjoyed it. The story wrapped up very nicely and never felt rushed. So many romance books spend the entire book, leading up to a predictable ending only to rush and end the book in one paragraph. I did not feel that this Author rushed anything in this book. I was surprised by the ending but I was not disappointed in it either. I thought just like the book, the ending was light, cute and brought a smile to my face.

This book is part of a series but work great for me as a stand alone book. I liked the light and fun manner of this book. Reading this book was almost like watching a light romantic comedy DVD. It was cute, it was sweet, contained close friends, the characters got into some funny situations, there was angst, longing, etc. This is the perfect book for someone who likes romance with a little humor.


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