Silver Threads

Silver ThreadsSilver Threads: Memory House Collection by Bette Lee Crosby
on January 1st 1970
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Bette Lee Crosby writes heartwarming books about families, relationships and life in general. This book is slight different from the other books of hers that I have read. This one has a mystical component where there is a Keeper of the Scales who places rocks on each person’s scales. Some rocks are for happiness, some are for sorrow, some for children, etc. People are connected to one another through the silver threads that intertwine their lives.

Jennifer Green wakes up with a headache and by the end of the day, everyone in her life has suffered a loss. Call if being at the wrong place at the wrong time or destiny, characters lives in this book are changed forever.

Trying not to give away the plot, I can say that we see Drew and his daughter Brook attempting to navigate their lives. Through, a desire to move and a promotion/change in work situation, Drew and Brook move and come to stay at Memory House. Both are reading for healing and new beginnings.

Elizabeth also comes to Memory House and is in need or healing and a chance to begin a new life as well. Brooke and Elizabeth meet and instantly they form a sweet friendship. Drew hears about Miss Elizabeth but keeps missing chances to meet his daughter’s friend. Finally they meet on their own but let Brook think she has introduced them.

This book deals with tragedy, loss, family and second chances. It does has some mysticism and at heart feels like a romance novel. I found the romance to be a little rushed at the end. That would be my only complaint about the book. This Author does not go into graphic details in her books which make her appeal to a broader reader base IMO. Her romances are light and sweet. She writes characters that are likable, relatable and down to earth.

Overall, this is a heartwarming book about love, loss, tragedy, hope, family and second chances.


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