SadieSadie by Courtney Summers
Published by Wednesday Books on September 4th 2018
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1250105714
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“It’s sad when people don’t realize their worth.”

WOW! Reading this book is like being sucker punched by sadness.

Sadie has lived a sad life. She is frequently teased for her stutter. She has no idea who her father is. Her Mother is an addict who had a bevy of boyfriends rotating in and out of their lives. Some of which are happy to ignore Sadie and her younger sister, Mattie. Unfortunately, there was one boyfriend who gave way too much attention. Sadie has basically raised not only herself, but her younger sister as well. Be warned – this is not a happy go lucky book. Its deals with heavy subjects such as neglect, sexual abuse, drug use, murder, revenge, etc. It’s not an easy read and yet it is beautiful at the same time. Summers has created a heart wrenching and heartbreaking book about a young woman and her quest for revenge. The person she loved most has been murdered and Sadie lets the reader know early on what her motivations are – to avenge her sister’s murder.

The story is told through podcasts and Sadie’s narrative. West McCray, a radio personality, becomes obsessed in learning about Sadie’s story. Her car has been found abandoned and he is on a mission to find out what happened, why she left, and ultimately hopes to find her before it’s too late. The reader is also shown Sadie’s perspective and her journey attempting to track down the man who killed her sister.

This book is extremely well written. It is also extremely gritty and shows the ugly side of life. Sadie is a powerful character who is hard to forget. She’s smart, edgy and yet consumed by grief. Her pain is palpable. Her desperation leaps off the page and it is easy to become absorbed in this book. I found this to be an emotional read. The entire book I wanted to give Said a hug and hoped for the best all the while dreading where her path was taking her.

This book will have triggers for some. This gripping tale is sad and haunting. It is one that will stay with the reader long after the last page has turned. I have not read this Author before and found her writing to be powerful and eloquent. I will be reading more books by this Author. I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.


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