Act Normal

Act NormalAct Normal (Tarizon Saga, #5) by William Manchee
on October 20th 2012
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***Received this book from Goodreads First Reads.

Act Normal is part legal thriller part science fiction. It was a little hard for me to get into it at first, but then the story pulled me in. I did enjoy the legal cases that were taking place. The book is part of the Tarizon Saga. It is the only book of the saga that I had read, so I missed some of the background. The author did fill the reader in on the key points so I did not really feel that I had missed too many important facts. I was given enough information to be able to follow the storyline and the back story of the characters. The book also could stand as a single book on it’s own. I do wish that the point of view chapters were labeled by who the chapter was about. This was a little confusing. The reader needs to do a little detective work to figure out who the “I” is in each chapter. Chapter 22 really confused me. First I thought it was a chapter as told by Paula but then Paula’s name was mentioned in conversation with the narrator, causing me to think it was possibly a Bart or maybe a Stan chapter. By the end of the chapter all three of their names had been used either in conversation or in thought so I was left scratching my head. Overall, I did enjoy the book. I think anyone who enjoys both genres (legal drama/thriller and Science Fiction) will enjoy this book.