Gilded Cage

Gilded CageGilded Cage (Dark Gifts, #1) by Vic James
Published by Del Rey Books on February 14th 2017
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0425284158
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Received from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book is basically about the have(s) and the have not(s)s. Except in this book the have(s) are the aristocrats with magical abilities and the have not(s) are the commoners who must at some point in their lives serve as slaves for 10 years.

Although this book focus is on two families: the Hadleys and the Jardines. There are many other interesting characters as well. The Hadley’s are commoners. They have no “skills” and decide to enter their 10 years of servitude when their children are younger. Their daughter makes arrangements for the entire family to serve at the Jardine’s estate but find out at the last minute that Luke (their son) will be serving his time at Millmoor – a brutal factory town.

But what is worse? Being subjected to open cruelty and hard work? Or being placed in a beautiful setting where cruelty comes in a pretty package. Where a man is forced to walk on dog leash or where angry people can use magic to rattle your mind.

Not everything is as it seems in this book. Revolution is afoot. This book reminded me of Les Miserables told in a YA dystopian alternative England. Where the commoners are fighting for the place in the world. Trying to get out and under the foot of the ruling class.

My favorite character in the book is Silyen – full of dark gifts. I can’t figure out if he will destroy their world or end up saving it. I loved how he entered Euterpe’s thoughts/world. I think he is a character to watch in the next books. I found him to be most intriguing. He is creepy, misunderstood, calculating and dark.

This book has corruption, family secrets, a corrupt government, evil people, strong people, cunning teenagers and a hint of romance. Who can be trusted? What will happen when a controllable power is unleashed?

This book is getting a lot of hype and most people love it. I enjoyed it and will definitely read the next book(s) in the series.