Hider/SeekerHider/Seeker by Tom Claver
on January 1st 1970
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review from netgallery.

Harry Bridger, an ex-cop, helps people disappear and begin new lives. His life long friend, Eddie, arranges for Harry to assist Angela Linehan and her son to flee a life of domestic violence and begin a new life in South America. It sounds like a simple enough job but soon events happen that turn Harry’s and his ex-wife, Bethany’s lives upside down. Not everyone is as they seem in this book.

Harry is fighting against a deadline to find Angela and to save Bethany in this mystery/thriller of a book. Harry is literally all over the globe trying to locate Angela and her son. Harry is very resourceful and seems to know/ have contacts in every location he visits in attempts to local the missing woman, her son and the Money.

This was a good mystery/thriller as I mentioned above. I think fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reach er series will enjoy this book. I enjoyed how not everyone is as they seem in this book, like an onion, this book has characters with layers and a character we see as likable, may not be quite as likable after all.

Harry is a little bit of a mess but he is a likable mess. He knows some shady characters and uses his skills to find Angela on such a tight deadline. This is a stand alone book but I could see it as becoming part of a series. I liked that although, I had my detective hat on, I did not see the ending coming.