A Noise Downstairs

A Noise DownstairsA Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay, Tbd
Published by HarperAudio on July 24th 2018
ISBN: 0062849468
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College Professor Paul Davis is driving home one night when he observes a colleague driving strangely. He decides to follow, not quite sure if the man is drunk or looking for something. When his co-worker pulls over so does Paul and that is when Paul makes the shocking discovery that he has just walked into a a murderer disposing of two female bodies. Paul tries to intervene and is almost killed himself.

After the incident, Paul has been having nightmares and experiencing PTSD. He begins to see Anna, a psychologist to work through his issues. His wife, Charlotte, also tries to help and buys him a vintage type writer so that he can write that novel he has always dreamed about. Paul is open to the idea, that is until he begins to hear noises in the night. Noises which sound as if the typewriter is being used. But everyone is asleep, who could possibly be typing on the typewriter? Why is Paul the only one who can hear the noise?

As Paul continues to work on his issues in therapy, the reader is also introduced to his therapist, her father and one of her other clients – a young man who enjoys playing sick and vicious pranks on others. Could he be to blame? Is he even involved? If not him, then who? Is the type writer possessed? Is the type writer typing messages all by itself? Are the messages related to the deaths of the two women? Paul continues to be tormented and struggles with what is really happening and what he believes is happening.

This book is told through Paul’s, Charlotte’s and Anna’s points of view. This was interesting especially is the last twenty percent of the book. I will be honest, during the beginning of the book, I thought…oh geez, I normally like Linwood Barclay, but I am not sure about this book. All I can say is STICK WITH IT. I say this often in reviews, but it is true, I love when a book fools me. I love when I think I have it all figured out. I have my super sleuth hat on the entire way. I am quite sure I know how the book is going to end and then BOOM, Barclay spun some magic. I did have one theory and that proved to be correct, but I still didn’t have the key bit of plot figured out. He pulled it off and beautifully.

The title of the book makes it sound as if this book is going to be both creepy or scary. I didn’t find it to be scary at all. A little creepy, perhaps. The one young man who played pranks was the creepiest part of the book for me. Yes, a typewriter that types of messages is creepy but for me only to a small degree. So, if you pick this up thinking it is going to be scary or on the horror spectrum, be warned, it’s not.

After a slow start that left me guessing as to whether I was going to enjoy the book, things really did pick up – about half way through for me. But once thing did pick up, the plot kicked into high gear. I found this book to be well-written with a great ending. I do wish it would have been a little faster going in the beginning, but I also know he needed to build his plot and introduce the reader to all the players.

Thank you to William Morrow Publishers and Edelweiss for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.