Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

Secrets of the Tulip SistersSecrets of the Tulip Sisters: A Captivating Story about Sisters, Secrets and Second Chances by Susan Mallery
Published by Harlequin Books on July 11th 2017
Pages: 416
ISBN: 0373802765
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Kelly Murphy has a pretty routine life. She works with her father as a successful tulip farmer. Six months ago her long term relationship ended and she is very aware that her high school crush, Griffith Martin is back in town. What makes things even more interesting is that Kate’s younger sister, Olivia, who she has not seen in 6 years has also come back to town. Olivia was sent away to finish school when she was 15 after her parents divorce. Kate turns to her friend, Helen, as she always does, for advice and a shoulder to cry on upon Olivia’s return to town. Helen owns the local diner where Kate’s father, Jeff goes every morning for coffee. Helen and Jeff have become friends over the years and also play together in a band.

Griffith has come back into town and is managing a successful business. His younger brother, Ryan works for him but is not pulling his own weight at work. Griffith has made his interest in Kate known and is willing to do whatever it takes to be with her. Olivia decides to start over in her hometown after she grows closer to her father and sister. Helen is deeply routed in the hometown but is wrestling with her feelings for an older man.

Almost everyone has secrets in this book. Kate, Olivia and Helen are three women with secrets. Eventually their secrets come out and they individually have to deal with them. To add turmoil into the mix, someone comes back into town to throw a wrench into everyone’s happiness,. A blast from the past who will not be happy until everyone is unhappy.

Is the book predictable? Yes, but aren’t most romance books? If you go into this book with that in mind you will not be disappointed. This is a light fast read about family bonds, the bonds of friendship, and starting over. I appreciated that this book did not seem to end abruptly as most romance books do. I get so annoyed when I read a book and in one page everything is resolved, everyone declares their love and off to the chapel they go! This book came to an ending at the perfect pace. Nothing felt rushed or tied up too quickly. There is an epilogue which I also appreciated.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


A Million Little Things

A Million Little ThingsA Million Little Things (Mischief Bay #3) by Susan Mallery
Published by Mira Books on February 28th 2017
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0778326934
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Zoe Salvidar recently broke up with her boyfriend of five years. She works from home but feels that something is missing. After locking herself and her cat in her attic, she decides that it is time to stop being so alone and get out in the real world and be around people.

Jen, is Zoe’s best friend. She is a stay at home Mother, who worries about everything but mainly about her toddler son not talking yet. He has met all of milestones, but still does not speak. Everyone in Jen’s life tells her that Jack (her son) will speak when he is ready but she is convinced that there is something wrong with her child. Jen also worries about her husband, who is a police officer in Los Angeles. She becomes defensive easily when her constant anxiety is pointed out to her.

Pam is Jen’s Mother and also Zoe’s friend. Zoe joins Pam for Pilates and Pam decides that Zoe may be the perfect match for her son Steven. Pam is a widower whose husband died. They had been married for over 30 years and Pam has given Jen and her husband her home and has moved into a condo by the Ocean with her brightly dressed dog.

Through her friendship with Zoe, Pam meets Miguel, who just happens to be Zoe’s father. There is a spark and Pam feels some quilt and unease about being interested in another man. Her son, Steven is concerned about his Mother dating because dating has changed since she was a teenager.

Whew! There is a lot going on in this book. A lot of characters but none of it got confusing. This is a romance novel and love is in the air! But there are also other themes touched on in this book as well such as loss, second chances,coping with anxiety, responsibility, trust, love, accepting what you cannot control, friendship, and love. There is a twist in this book which causes some conflict for all of the characters to deal with. Their reactions are human and feel real. This proved to be a quick enjoyable read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


Fool’s Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes

Fool’s Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 RecipesFool's Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes (Fool's Gold, #12.1) by Susan Mallery
Published by Harlequin on August 27th 2013
Pages: 240
ISBN: 146031817X
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Received from Good Reads first reads giveaway.

This was a really neat concept. A cookbook with a love story behind it. The story of two chefs, Ana Raquel and Greg, who met while they are children share a past, meet up again, write a cookbook and re-connect. The story was very endearing and sweet, the recipes are fantastic! I am looking forward to trying some of them out. Highly recommend.


The Friends We Keep

The Friends We KeepThe Friends We Keep (Mischief Bay, #2) by Susan Mallery
Published by MIRA on February 23rd 2016
Pages: 402
ISBN: 0778318729
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Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Susan Mallery weaves the tale of three friends, Gabby, Nicole, and Hailey, living in Mischief Bay, CA.

Their individual stories are told and their story-lines intertwine as they are all friends.

Nicole is a divorced Mom who has a young son who wins a chance to meet the Author of his favorite book. Nicole is not happy about going and has a funny and cute fist meeting with the Author of the book. Afraid of getting close to someone again, she tries hard to resist when she develops feelings for someone.

Gabby is a Mother of twins and stepmother to a teenage daughter. She has stayed home after the birth of her twins and is looking forward to going back to work when her daughters begin school. Her husband, Andrew, is sweet with traditional values that get in the way when an unexpected surprise happens in their family.

Hailey has been trying to have a biological child with her husband, Rob. She has suffered many miscarriages and is desperate to keep trying. Will the strain of her weakening health and her obsession to have a biological child put a strain on their marriage.

This book works very well as a stand alone book, although it is part of a series. I did not feel that I was missing out of anything having not read the prior book. The women in this book were likable and their stories engaging. I enjoyed Nicole’s story-line the most and Hailey’s the least. What I liked the most was that their stories were so believable and real. Mallery writes enjoyable work with characters that most people can relate to in some manner.