Charm and Strange

Charm and StrangeCharm and Strange by Stephanie Kuehn
on January 1st 1970
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Holy Crap! What a brilliant debut novel!!! Did I see the ending coming???? Not until the end – and only when the Author wanted me to see the truth. Sheer Brilliancy (is that even a real word?)

So how do I describe this book without spoilers….hmmmm….well first off..I would like to see everyone who has added this book to their “to read” list and actually start reading it as in TODAY…NOW!…do not pass go, do not wait until the full moon, stop what you are doing and read this brilliantly strange book already!

I love a book that I can’t figure out. The entire book I was trying to decide if Win/Andrew is mentally ill or if there was some supernatural elements at play. Do I suspend disbelief and accept that he will change or is there something else entirely else going on here? I was never really sure until the end when BLAM there it is…

This was a really unique YA book. Sad, Heartbreaking, a psychological thriller and yet not a thriller at the same time. I dunno what to call it. The book is strange – strangely compelling. Don’t try to figure anything out. Just go with the flow. DO NOT READ THE END OF THE BOOK FIRST SO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. DON’T READ SPOILERS. YOU WILL RUIN IT FOR YOURSELF.

You have been forewarned this is not a happy go lucky YA book. Teens do not fall in love with vampires and live happily ever after. This book has dark elements. There is great sadness in this book. There are family secrets. There is also great writing, a great story and characters that feel real.

One of the brilliant parts of this book is in how it is written. The book is written in two voices but with the same person doing the “telling”. Andrew when he is younger and Win in current day as a teenager. As I mentioned several times, I liked that I did not figure this book out. It’s not a big book. There are not too many pages so stay with it. Don’t give up. As other reviewers have said the ending does make the book.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up this book and start reading!