Amazing Gracie

Amazing GracieAmazing Gracie by Sherryl Woods
Published by MIRA on December 29th 2009
Pages: 343
ISBN: 0778327531
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Gracie decides to quit her job at a hotel in France over floral arrangements. The New CEO of the hotel wants to pinch pennies and decides to pinch the cost of floral arrangements and Gracie has an issue with that. She also has an issue with the frequent passes he makes at her but it seems to be more about the flowers.

So in a huff she goes off to Seagull Point, Virginia. While there she sees a property that she deems would make a lovely bed and breakfast. Of course the property is not on the market. It is owned by a man who does not want to sell. He is an attorney who would rather spend his time loafing around and making passes at Gracie. He is also described as a “scoundrel” and makes it a point to tell her he wants to sleep with her. There is anger, there is passion…you get the story. She is driven he is kinda lazy. They are drawn to be opposites who attract.

So that is pretty much the story. One can figure out the rest. This was my least favorite Sherryl Woods book. . I did not really care for any of her characters nor did I really care about what happened in their lives. Sadly, not her best. I was actually surprised at how much I did not care for this book as I have enjoyed all other books I have read by this author. I find her work to be engaging, entertaining and fun. This book just missed the mark with me.

I received a copy of this book from Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Beach Lane

Beach LaneBeach Lane (Chesapeake Shores #7) by Sherryl Woods
Published by MIRA on May 31st 2011
Pages: 360
ISBN: 0778329895
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Susie and Mack have been friends for a long time and both have feeling the other. It is obvious to everyone they know. Finally, they finally decide to be honest with each other about their feelings. And of course, because these romances need some angst, Susie is diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and Mack loses his job. Do they tell each other this? Do they keep the diagnosis and lack of job from each other? The couple decides to immediately marry after declaring their feelings and their friends and family rally around them especially Jess, Susie’s cousin. Neither has been entirely honest with each other and drama ensues. The O’Brien family rallies around them as the await news of Susie’s prognosis A nice read for a cold dreary day.


Driftwood Cottage

Driftwood CottageDriftwood Cottage (Chesapeake Shores, #5) by Sherryl Woods
Published by MIRA on March 29th 2011
Pages: 376
ISBN: 077832947X
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I am definitely reading this series out of order. This is not my favotite book in this series but I enjoyed it. Heather breaks up with Connor, a divorce attornet, after years of being in a committed relationship. They have a toddler and Heather wants to be married. Connor is disillusioned about marriage after seeing his parents get divorced and working as a divorce attirney. The O’Brien family tries to get Connor to change his views on marriage. After an accident opens his eyes, he proposes only to be turned down by Heather. Nice love story -predictable but nice reading for a cold winters day.